Kingdom Wealth Advancement

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Wealth Advancement 

The 6 steps solution to obtaining wealth advancement

Find a Wealth Mentor: A financially confident person you look up to who can help you sort out your financial dreams and woes.

Develop a Spending Plan:Your spending plan is a way to direct your financial resources.

Get rid of your Debts: The less money you owe, the more money you have. It seems straight-forward but I say it again and again because we’re still a debt-loving society. In our low-interest rate environment, many people feel comfortable ignoring their debt balances, but the more you pay in interest, the less you have to add to growing your own wealth.

Save a large percentage of your income: While a little bit of savings can go a long way, a lot of savings goes a lot further. Strive to allocate your money using the 10/60/30 rule.

Start investing in the stock market: Investing is scary and complex, except that it isn’t. The stock market is more accessible than ever, and investors have never had more choices than they do today.

Business Ownership: You can cut your expenses all you like, but eventually you reach a limit. Your income, on the other hand, is limitless. There’s nothing stopping you from earning an extra cash this year. The more you increase your top line, the less you worry about your bottom-line. Living within your means is terribly easy when you have lots of means.