Women’s Ministry

 EVE centers on relationships between women, whether it is mother to daughter, sister to sister, or friend to friend. The primary purpose of this ministry is to establish understanding between mothers, their children, and significant others, while embracing their responsibility as women. EVE does this by identifying strengths of women, thus guiding them down a more productive path, which increases understanding of their value. Also, EVE is committed to providing temperament training necessary for effective parenting and appropriate employment. By identifying temperament strengths in areas related to Melancholy, Choleric, Sanguine, Supine, and Phlegmatic, we are able to minister to them more effectively


  • To create a positive culture for women.
  • To promote the strengths of the participants, women and mothers.
  • To enable young mothers to see and accept their responsibility for their children.
  • To increase participants’ parenting skills and management ability over their lives.
  • To identify their strengths and to transcend their weaknesses.
  • To raise awareness of the dynamics of being a woman.