Youth Initiative


The primary purpose of Youth Initiative is to empower youth to advance in school, in community service projects, and to develop leadership skills to assist them in fulfilling their potential in order to realize their dreams. Youth Initiative is committed to providing temperament training for effective development of individual strengths. The vision of Youth Initiative is to establish understanding between youth and their parents. Youth Initiative does this by identifying strengths of youth, thus guiding them down a more productive path, which increases their effectiveness. Youth Initiative views childhood temperaments as the foundation for establishing new learning patterns. Our goal is to develop character, respect and integrity in the children International Kingdom Life Church serves.


  • To create a positive culture for youth.
  • To promote the strengths of youth.
  • To enable young people to see and accept their responsibility for their behavior.
  • To increase participation in community service projects.
  • To identify their strengths and to transcend their weaknesses.
  • To raise community awareness of the dynamics of youth development.